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If you don't like it, then don't read it. [20 May 2020|12:01am]

This is my journal, for me. It is not for everybody and everybody does not have to read it. And there are many people who shouldn't read it, especially those who will be bothered by it. (According to some "professionals", it's not my fault if it bothers you. You are the one who lets it bother you.) Don't bring me into it. You have been warned.

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yo soy siempre el culpable y tu eres la inocente [02 May 2012|07:16pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hello, Livejournal. Once again I find myself coming to you for guidance. I was thinking about this while I was driving home from work and the different ways people find relief. I notice a lot of people eat "comfort foods" when they are upset. When I'm upset I don't really eat until I am really hungry. I was really hungry earlier and forgot to eat before work, then at work it was kinda busy so I didn't get a chance, then I asked Jahlyn to cover me because I couldn't handle being there while so upset (and without medication as well) but by that point I was too depresssed to eat.
Another thing I thought about is Livejournal and how I write here sometimes when I'm upset. It is somehow relieving to let things out, and this is something a lot of people already know, and may be the main reason journals and diaries came to be, but now that there are weblogs I think it may serve a different purpose. I have never really kept a private journal. I've had them but not really written in them. I used to actively post to LiveJournal all the time, though, and most of my entries are public. I wonder if there is something about people seeing them that makes me feel alleviated. Maybe I feel like others are sympathizing with me or something. Sometimes that's stupid though. Right now if I write about Mary and what is going on it may be yet another passive-aggressive attack on her. I could write about how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking and then she might read it and see it and feel bad or feel insulted. Then again, I could write the same thing but make it private so it still is said but she doesn't see it. I don't think she will read this anyway, at least not any time soon, so what if other people are reading it? When I write my posts, am I writing them to myself, to no one, to my friends, to everyone who may see them? It's kind of interesting and makes me think of the quote about how the true measure of goodness is doing something for someone else when you know that no one is watching. Would this be as relieving if it were posted privately? If not, then why not? Am I just looking for sympathy or pity, or am I actually trying to express my feelings?

Well, I'm not sure if I'll be writing much about what is actually happening, but Mary just texted me that she is "more upset than she has ever been about our relationship". I'm also not sure how I am going to handle it when/if she calls me tonight to talk about it. I fought back with her for once and that must have contributed in some way to making her as uspet as she is, but I don't know. I've always been better at writing than at talking. If she calls I will probably freeze up like a jackass like always, but maybe not. I ran out of my Celexa, so I have been more depressed lately, and therefore more lethargic and unmotivated, but still managed to get done what I tried to kinda. I don't know if this shittiness will somehow allow me to talk better without crying but I was almost crying at work just thinking about it. I don't know. Is this how I've always written? Nothing but jumbled speculations and "I don't know"s. I guess it is because it is kind of how I think. Such an unfocused mind. Wandering mind.
I just googled that and it says that wandering/daydreaming minds tend to be unhappy. Hmm weird.
Anyway I think that is enough for now. The bed beckons.

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Le Senhore deliu Aneliu [16 May 2010|01:14am]

Ha senhaliu nele anele
Che me faento sentire tan base
Ha une para sclavizare totiu aneliu
Para encontrare totiu en tempe
Et conduirliu nelo obscuritate
Para sempre iliu staranto ligatiu

Tree para liu rexiu deliu elfiu altiu en luxe
Nove aliu mortaliu che ploranto

Io guardaree le anele plene de tristezo
Io guardaree le anele usche mora
Io guarderee le anele plene de tristezo
Io guardaree le anele usche mora

Ralenta et navigo nele rie
Ralenta et camino por lo colino
Ralenta et navigo nele rie
Ralenta et camino por lo colino

Et no ha come saire

Terro obscuro baso fetize de Saurone

Amenaciate tempe larghe
Amenaciate tempe larghe

Sete aneliu aliu naniu nelui suoi salui fatui de petro
Adentre le valie
Adentre le valie
Io sento base

Un anele alo mane dele senhore obscure
Sentate nele sue trone
Nelo terro tan obscuro
Adone io tenxo che ire

Guardaree le anele
Guardaree le anele
Guardaree le anele
Io guardaree le anele usche mora!

Ralenta et navigo nele rie
Ralenta et camino por lo colino
Ralenta et navigo nele rie
Ralenta et camino por lo colino
Ralenta et navigo nele rie
Ralenta et camino por lo colino
Ralenta et navigo nele rie
Ralenta et camino por lo colino

Senhore deliu aneliu...

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[16 May 2010|12:30am]
A day has gone by and there are no new posts on my friends page wtf....
I bought some peanut butter and bread today because I kind of ran out last night...
Got to play with Edric some Warcraft today for a little while but we didn't get to finish the game because he had to go.
I need to feed Charlotte and get her out of the bathroom again.
Gotta work tomorrow mornin' at 9:30...
Mary is at a sleep over with some frenz.
I went to Tea Station today and I love it there I don't know if I have already mentioned it in my posts before. It is swarming with Chinese energy and it makes me want to be Chinese and Chinese it up with them. I looked at some Chinese lessons online today and I feel like 3rd tone isn't really pronounced the way it is described but maybe it is just too subtle for my untrained ears. Also when I hear a big sentence I can barely recognize any tones it sounds so weird and the stress is so different than how I expect it to be but I must learn what can I do.....
So I went in today to get a Boba Milk Tea large one for Marisol, and then I went back later to get an application for Shelley and one for me just in case. I said to the cashier guy "Can I have two applications?" and he said "uhhh apprication...." and looked around and then gave me a blank piece of paper and said to just write my info on it... I... Okay... Shelley seemed disinterested.
I got some stuff to write.
So I got out some notebooks today and guess what I found... I found my notes for _language from High School.... They are good to have I must craft...
For now I don't know what to do but I love language did you know?

Smash down the light!
I will not rest till it's done!

It's time for sleep now because I have to work tomorrow and then I have to do a project for sociology and then I have finals on Tuesday but not on Monday. Monday will be get shit done day.
Farewell my love....
Namárie meldanya...
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[14 May 2010|10:18pm]
Whew boy.
I want to write like I always do and I have been having such urges lately but I haven't even written anything until now wtf!

So Mary just got home last night, we went to breakfast this morning. Why did I put a comma there instead of a period or semicolon?
Oh well.
I want to Craft (Language) so bad why don't I ever do it I am such a nub. Also maybe some Craft (Classgame) or Craft (Platform) or Craft (Module) but I guess I'll settle right now for Perform (Poetry).

La rima vendrá, no sé cual todavía
pero tengo ganas de hacer poesía.
Hace mucho tiempo que se esconden mis letras.
Hay que comenzar antes y producir mientras.
No debe importar que no tienes idea,
si te das una chance el poema se crea.
Não gosto das rimas que seguem assim...
A penas duas linhas, não é para mim.
Eu tenho que fazer um método meu...
OK, vamos tentar uma coisa nova.
Farei um poema para sair da cova.......

A língua da areia
Você, minha língua, é minha paixão,
Se não
omg i can't do it i am so bored what happened to me ughhhh maybe later forgive me pt and l/a
guys seriously though i will post i vow to the earth
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No puedo ganarle a Airman [15 Mar 2010|06:32pm]

1o intentoCollapse )
link to the original Japanese version with English subtitles:



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Oh hey guys. [05 Mar 2010|01:09am]
[ mood | bored ]

Hello.... I am bored right now so it would be a perfect time to make a LiveJournal post, no?
I am doing some homework for sociology. There is some stuff going on right now that we are struggling with but we shall prevail. It is now March so the mail should be coming from UCSD about whether I get in or not.
So much always happens between my posts, and dear LJ, I have been thinking of you a lot but for some reason I just don't write. It is like calling certain people. You think about them but you just don't end up calling them. It is also like having things to do, you know you have to do them but you procrastinate.
Anyway, I lost my Rosetta Stone and I am waiting for Juan to get me one of his copies so I can make a backup.
I thirst for knowledge!
I played Starcraft with Miguel a few weeks ago when I went to Edric's on my way home from Stockton when I went to see Mary for Valentine's Day. It was cool to play with him, I have wanted to do that for so long. Maybe I can see if Danny and I can set up an Age of Empires game or something with my dad. That sounds like something fun to do sometime.
Edric's birthday is soon. What will we do? It is a Wednesday. Weird day for a birthday. =/
Charlotte got lost for like a month since my last post but I finally found her (in the same spot she was in before... I don't know how that ended up happening but it was both embarrassing and very relieving.)
Tuesdays Charles and I have set up a weekly get together so it is good. It's good to have contact with a real person outside of work and home. My money is starting to grow again (not very much, but I actually HAVE money in my bank account now after paying rent.)
Joshua introduced me to the song "Opium" by "Moonspell" a Portuguese metal band and they are pretty cool. I was looking at music stuff on Wikipedia (yesterday?) and I wanted to be exposed to more because there is a lot that sounds pretty cool. Gothrock sounds neat, Doom metal sounds neat, and DRONE sounded pretty cool but I listened to it and it bored the hell out of me even though some bands I know have similar songs. I don't know what it was but I just COULDN'T HANDLE IT.
Also I looked at the list of emo bands article and I remember seeing before that a lot of shitty bands weren't on there and I was glad, but this time I looked at it and I saw a bunch of shitty bands there and I got sad. Simple Plan, MCR, etc. it was really depressing and made me feel gross. A lot of them did not say they were emo on the band's article itself but they were included in the list. You know what... I remember whenever emo was mentioned a long time ago the example band given would be Fugazi, and Fugazi wasn't even on the list... I don't... I don't know... What to... Even...

Anyway, I saw that community in the spot light ontdcreepy and checked it out and it was cool. I always want to find stuff like that but it never is any good. That one was nice but it was flooded with noobs because of the spotlight so it was up and down but whatever. Whatevs.
I have been buying a bunch of AriZona Green Tea With GINSENG and HONEY recently. TJ always buys this and I wanted a drink last week and decided buying a drink at Albertsons would be cheaper than getting something from Starbucks or whatever so I went and decided on an AriZona Green Tea and it was great so I bought a gallon later and the other day (or yesterday?) I bought another one.

I was looking at Atlantean because TJ and I watched Atlantis last night and I discovered that it is pretty badass. It's by Klingon man and I don't remember but I think that Klingon was pretty shitty. I will have to look into it more to make sure. Anyway, Atlantis is really badass.

I don't know if you guys are noticing, but I am noticing that I am using really repetitive vocabulary in my sentences and it is becoming bothersome..........

I will end this post.
I will post soon.
That is an order.

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[02 Jan 2010|11:18am]
[ mood | sick ]

Here she isCollapse ) 

Last night I took Charlotte out for the first time since she's been here. She wandered around a lot and I noticed she was shedding in small pieces. I put her in the bathtub but she just got out after a few minutes. I refilled her water bowl and sprayed a bunch of water in there this morning. Melo said if she has trouble shedding I can wrap her in a wet towel.
For New Year's Eve Mary and I went to Yoli's house. Sammy and Melo came over and Melo was sick and I had a sore throat. Now I'm sick! =(
We watched Night at the Museum 2 and I felt like it was a really bad movie. I felt like every scene they were trying to make funny but none of them were actually funny to me. I laughed once at the security guard flashlight part and I think once later on in the movie but I can't remember at what.
Then Sammy and Edric and Mikey and I tried to play Neverwinter together but it didn't work so Mikey just played some game on Mary's computer and Sammy and Edric and I played Neverwinter but Sammy wasn't very good so we gave up (after like 3 hours of setting it up). Then they played Mount and Blade and I just went to sleep because I was tired. When I woke up my throat hurt RLY bad. Mary and I were planning on leaving by 8ish or 8:30 (AM) but I didn't set my alarm so when I woke up I just stayed in bed trying to cover up my throat.
We left and she went back to Stockton today.
I saw Charlotte fully extended and she is about as long as the table her cage sits on, a little longer than one of my legs. Harriet is way tiny compared to her and Mark said that they are the same size but Charlotte is just a lot fatter, but Charlotte is definitely way bigger than her.

I feel pretty lame not learning any languages recently. I haven't been practicing much of anything (except Spanish =/ ) but I need to learn Portuguese and practice Italian and maybe French and start learning German and start learning Russian or Arabic or something or maybe just keep going with Mandarin, that's probably a better idea than starting Russian or Arabic right now.

I've got a runny/stuffy nose right now and my throat still hurts a little, and I've got a headache. I took some Tylenol last night and took some Ibuprofen this morning. I need to practice Armenian more.
Farewell for now. <3
I will take more pictures when I get a camera that isn't a piece of shit (which should be as soon as I get batteries because I have a couple cameras here but they might be destroyed... We will see...)
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Edindo opus est. [29 Dec 2009|08:59pm]
[ mood | fine ]

Today I had some stuff to do. I woke up a little early and ate breakfast, flossed and brushed my teeth, showered, then went to Petco to buy a rat. It took a lot longer than I expected and it cost WAY more than I expected. It was over eight dollars, where I expected to pay $3-5. I had to go to work early, so I went home and dropped off the rat then went to work. I set up my car insurance when I got back from work and it is taken care of. TJ was asleep so I decided to wait on the rat feeding. When it got dark I knocked out the rat and fed Charlotte. She snatched her from my hand and sat there suffocating her for a while, then started trying to swallow her. It looked like she started and stopped like five times, like she didn't have a good position or something so she started over, but she might have just been changing positions during her death grip before she was ready to start eating.
She ate it (a medium female) and I think I should be getting her larges. She is pretty damn big now, so mediums aren't going to cut it for her!
I was looking for cheaper places to buy rats because eight dollars is kind of a lot. Next time we will save a little money. I was in a hurry because she seemed hungry and I had to go to work but yeah... Petco isn't a great place supposedly...

Once again, got distracted. Namárie!

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Day 2 with Charlotte. [28 Dec 2009|07:50pm]
[ mood | have to pee ]

I just got home and went to check on Charlotte and she is awake and looked like she was trying to get out of the cage or something. Her head was really high up like she was following the edges of the cage trying to see if there was a place to get out. I'm thinking I might need to put a towel or something over the cage when I am not checking on her because it's weird not having any lights in the room. The lights will hit her right in the face when she is in her hiding spot so that won't be very comforting for her. Maybe I'll just put a board or something in the way so the light won't hit her in her hide.
I went to Albertson's and bought a spray bottle to keep her humidity up since I don't have a hygrometer or whatever.
I'm waiting for an update from Melo about when she was last fed.
For now off I go. I have things to do.

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Where do I go? [28 Dec 2009|12:52am]
[ mood | awake ]

I received Charlotte today. She was formerly my aunt's ball python and has now been given to me. I have always loved her and she is getting pretty big but I'm sure she will love me soon enough. She may not remember me but she will acclimate to me. I am worried about her being too cold here... I am usually pretty cold myself. Poor baby... I want to get her a second heating pad and put her into the 60 gallon tank with some more toys. I think I might need to invest in a spray bottle too because I am afraid the humidity is too low for her. She has been surviving fine at Melo's and I don't think they were too hyperattentive to details, but I am still anxious that something may happen.
She bit Melo the other day, and I've heard mixed stories but what I heard from Melo is that she was fed a couple days ago. Sammy said that she was fed a week ago and she bit Melo yesterday (or the day before maybe) which was five days after she had been fed. I am going to go by what Melo told me, but to be safe I will attempt to feed her reasonably soon in case she needs food.
I tried to handle her today when I got home and she hissed at me, so I think she is still stressed out from the move. I'm not sure how long it took for her to get here because I was at work, but she will have to be moved again when I rearrange the tanks. I may keep the smaller tank for feeding... That sounds like a good plan... Either way, I need to find a lid for the big tank soon so that she can get used to it and not be living in constant insecurity. It is said that they usually require a week to become comfortable with a new home, but she will need to eat sooner than that...

So in other news I have been working on a Neverwinter Nights module for Danny and Edric to play together while I DM it, but I am spending a lot of time building and planning quests and conversations rather than just setting stuff up for playability and working my DM Client magic for the rest of it, so I will try to change that soon. I am almost done with the first "dungeon" I suppose. Mustn't give any details away because spoilers are not my thing.

I just got back from seeing Avatar, which kicked a lot of ass. The language they used reminded me of Poptí and of something African. At first I thought it would be a bullshit language but it seemed pretty legit at parts. I wonder if they used an existing language that they wanted the sound from or if they actually made/edit copied a new one.

I got a new computer a while ago. I think it was on Black Friday or maybe the day after. I went in the evening. I got my music and stuff transferred over from my old one so it is nice. Edric came over a week or so ago and we had fun. Aqua vita est. Quiero hacer mi idioma ya. Tengo muchas ideas en que siempre estoy pensando pero ¿no tengo tiempo para hacerlo? No sé por qué no hago las cosas así que quiero hacer. Preciso dum amigo com quem posso praticar o portugues...

Okay got distracted for a second. I guess it is time to end this post.
As always: I wish I posted more often.
I will try to make a habit of posting to keep records on Charlotte's activity and that should make me write some more whenever I post too.
For now I will work on the module a little and then go to sleep.

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Tce.. [23 Sep 2009|07:31pm]
Gia no povo recordare muitue reglue supre ece language. =(
Veo a necesitare refarlue. Ece pince gate no me dexa sole. Enci veo a necesitare ponere lue reglue che faxo para che stento en UNO PARTO. Meior che no stare en nenxuno.
Ce che e? Parece o SEMBE SEMBERE me sembe che lo palabro palavro parole parole parole parolo... parlare.... palavoro... palore. parolo. paralo. parlo. parabilis. WE HAVE: verbum.  So we will decide on....
okay here is the etymology: gr. parabolé, latin PARABOLA and PARAULA from PARAULARE TO SPEAK paraulare parolare parlare paralo palavra palabra parabla paralo paralo.... Lue paralue parolue PAROLO we are sticking with parolo. paraolo. uno paraolo. uno paralo. uno parolo. uno parolo uno paraolo uno paraolo... uno paroelo. parolue paraolue paroelue  no   paraolue parolue yeah just stick with parolue.
Sembe che lo parolo "ce" signifixa o vole dire THAT ESE or perhaps THAT ESO. Ce faxoe satisfando (should be satisfante) Ece will be our this? I need to learn my terminology. Descriptive ascriptive what is it that. objective puttitatitive. Whatever.
We can finish that from before since I happen to be listening to it let's go.
Daxmele! Dave haverle!
Tesore preciose! Io le merito!
Donte povo correre?
Come povo scondere lio Silmarilio?
Gemue de luxarbore, vusu vito pertene a mi.
Oh, e dolce come lo oscuretate sta flotandose atorne.

Nos stamo seghiendo le volere dele Une!
A traverse delo Etate Oscuro et en
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[22 Sep 2009|10:39pm]
[ mood | hurt ]

Okay, let's get down to business!
Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?
You're the saddest bunch I ever met, but you can BET before we're through, Mister, I'll make a man out of you.

So the last few days I've been talking to Bayleafs again (has it already been fourteen years?) we looked at our yearbooks and I found my Raider Reminder and we talked about them and it was fun. We didn't finish that one convo yet but we'll get around to it some time I'm sure. Anyway, we were looking at our LJs and I noticed that I had been writing here and that I've already had this journal for TWO YEARS! GEEZE! And I always want to go back to writing but I never get into it but now I rly rly want to.
So today I went to school and stuff, did some stuff. My phone got shut off from not being paid so I couldn't call the profes at UCSD but I e-mailed them and I e-mailed Peachy. Then before Anthropology I wanted to go get something to eat but I didn't have a lot of money and Ruben owes me a lunch so I drove over to his house and went to the door and some guy answered the door that I didn't reckanize and I said "¿No está Ruben?" and he said "No, no se encuentra" and I said "¿Sabes donde está?" and he said "¿Cómo?" and I said "¿No sabes donde está?" and he said "No, acabo de llegar del trabajo" and I said "Okay, gracias" y me fui. So I went to Arco to clean my windshield because it was TOTALLY GLARED THE FUCK OUT and then I was going to go to Subway or Cotija's or In N Out but decided to go to Daphne's first. So I went there and I was thinking of eating but it was too expensive and I only had 5 minutes to get to class so I decided to just drink some water and leave. Then on my way to my car I think "Wait! I was going to go to Albertson's and buy one of those sandwich things there and eat it" so I go to Albertson's and find a sandwich thing and it's $2.99 so I go to the express self check out thing and it's taking forever and there are like 3 people in line ahead of me and there are people with big carts of shit at the scanners and then the machine goes "Please wait for assistance! ^_^" and I'm like oh shit come on. Then a woman opens up register and tells us to go there so I buy my sammich and go to my car and open it but I can't eat it in my car because I have a stick now and I can't eat unless I'm somewhere steady but I was in the parking lot with many starts and stops so I waited till I got out and I had to drive to the parking lot and park there instead of driving home and walking because it would take too long so after school I had to drive for like 8 minutes to get home instead of walking for like 6 minutes. Anyway, my dad would always tell me that I'm going to get a stomach ache from eating too fast and that has never really happened UNTIL TONIGHT. I got to school and I was alraedy 7 minutes late for class, so I ate the sandwich on the way there and then stood out the door finishing it for a few seconds then I went in and I HURT. I felt like there was a big metal ball in my stomach. It just now is going away like four and a half hours later.
Okay well that's all for now TTFN ta ta for now.
???? Is it?

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[22 Sep 2009|02:17pm]
A la clase de la filosofía. BáMONO!
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[22 Sep 2009|01:51am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

I miss you so much, LJ.

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[29 Mar 2009|02:23am]
[ mood | RAAAAHHHH! ]

Where is thy Tradeskills Log?

For presenting yourselves in this battlefield, I give you thanks.

This is our city, to join it, you give homage!

I GIVE HOMAGE TO BOWYERSHIP! And if this is your city... Tell me, why does it go?

We didn't come here to craft for them!

Hillhome! The tradeskills are too many!


William Wallace has 100.0% bowyership!

Yes, I've heard! He crafts bows by the hundreds! And if he were here, he would consume the blacksmiths with Fire Arrows from his eyes and Shocking Bolts from his arse!
I AM WILLIAM WALLACE! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to craft as free men! And free men you are! What will you do with that freedom? Will you craft?

Craft bows? Against them? No. We will smith, and we will live well-rounded lives.

Aye, craft bows and you may fail at other skills, smith and you may have other skills... At least until 10.0%....
And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the skills from mycology to brewing, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may have more skills than us, but they will never have AS HIGH OF A PERCENTAGE OF MASTERY OF BOWCRAFT AS US!?


Mornay, Lochlan, Craig...

Eh, Cheltham, this is William Wallace...

Here are Solace's terms. Lead this army of bowyers off the field, and we will give you each estates in Solamnia, Caergoth, and Qualinost, including hereditary titles, from which you will pay us an annual duty -

I have an offer for you.

...From which you will pay Solace an annual duty of -

I said I have an offer for you!

You disrespect a banner of truce!?

From Solace? Absolutely...
Here are Hillhome's terms:
Lower your hammers and march straight back to Solace, stopping at every Hillhome home you pass to beg forgiveness for hundreds of days of skinning, mining, and smithing. Do that, and your men shall live. Do it not... and every one of you will die today...

Hah! You are outmatched! You have no other tradeskills! In two centuries no city has won without -

I'm not finished!
Before we let you leave, your commander must cross this building, stand before this bowyer's station, put his wood on top of it,
and craft his own bow....


I'd say that was rather less cordial than he's used to...

Be ready, and do exactly as I say.... You, go to the Fireforge Carpentry in Hillhome. You, to the Tradeskills Shop in Qualinesti.

We must not divide our forces!

Do it, and let the Solaceans see you do it...

They'll think we'll stop crafting...

Aye.... Take out their blacksmith anvils, and I'll meet you in the middle.

Insolent BASTARD! Full attack! I want this Wallace's bow made into a plate!

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After all my years of searching! [06 Jan 2009|05:27pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The Cave of Wonders!

Today I beat The Great Escape for the first time. Last time I played it I couldn't get past Stryker (the third level) and now I beat it and now I can beat it in like twenty minutes. DAMN I miss Xardion. I don't know if I'll ever hear from him again.... Farewell my love. I want to check back in on his comics now but I'll do so later.

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Lamento Eroico [01 Nov 2008|10:31pm]
[ mood | eroico ]

Langue in me l'eco infranto
al truce sguardo dell'angelo cieco.
Rovina in me l'antica rima
nel cuor del cigno, ferito e morente...

Cosmi di eternita' tradita
di verita' svanite che ora versano lacrime d'addio in un vuoto nero...
e fiero...
Al mio destino andro'....

Urla il tuono al mio lamento eroico!
Sorte consuma la realta'!

Spiriti di mondi arcani,
chiedo la vita al di la' della morte,
per allinear le stelle amiche,
e diventar guardiano celeste...

Custode di eternita' guarita
di verita' trovate per tutti i figli di madre terra,
sempre a lei ho dato la vita... la morte... cosi' continuero'...

Urla il tuono al mio lamento eroico!
Sorte consuma la realta'!

Urla il tuono al mio lamento eroico!
Sorte consuma la realta'!
Sorte consuma la realta'!

Sooorrrrrte consuuuumaaaaa laaaaa reaaaaaaltaaaaaaa'....!

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[21 Oct 2008|04:01pm]
exponte amor.

t kiero ver
pq t gusta aser m doler?
ya no m agas doler
asi boy a scribir pa siempre
no es cierto es una broma
pero a beses asi tal bes no se
kiero scribir ma siempre digo que quiero escribir
contrapposto, che bella, no?

Do Jew love me?
Jew, I love you.
Recibí mis cheques. Ora gli scriviré.
Italispañol. Que cool peux j'etre?
Scrivo en tutti gli lingui che sean. ¡ROMANCE!
Sta bene ansi mioue.
No tiene sentido, ¿importa?
Que sea lo que sea.

NecesiTO QUE me TOQUE alguien. TOQUE pf.
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[20 Oct 2008|04:18pm]
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Ya no dejo de escribir, pero ya no me puedo satisfacer.

A renewed love for this forgotten art,
A method now with which to give some form
To some stray thoughts that dwell within my heart
Which surface high and conjure up a storm
Of feelings, but with lack of words to say
What moves beneath the flesh and músculo
It's difficult to build a frame, so play
With words I shall until I feel I know
Some manner of expressing this I feel,
And in the mean time trying to have some fun.
So let's decide to try to be more real.
Just one more couplet and I will be done.
Forgive me when you're not able to read,
A veces Spanish is just what I need.

Now I could make my whole journal así:
Iambic, pentametric, like Chaucer,
But most can tell that doesn't work for me.
Mis pensamientos no me dejan ser
Tan rígido en lo que quiero write,
It's obvious just by my choice of words.
And though I know there is no wrong or right,
The sonnet read was not about the birds
But rather the connection that he had
When thinking of his love just being there.
Así contento 'stoy, y vos mirad:
I'll feel that way again. Voy a comer
Some zanahorias perhaps right now.
"Soy Ángel. Llámame. Nos vemos. Ciao."

So I don't know I had more to say but I'm lost again as always happens. I need like a whole day to write a post, otherwise I leave out everything. Everything!
The elvevsfgodst peepee in the elevator.
Farewell godspeed!

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