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Where do I go?

I received Charlotte today. She was formerly my aunt's ball python and has now been given to me. I have always loved her and she is getting pretty big but I'm sure she will love me soon enough. She may not remember me but she will acclimate to me. I am worried about her being too cold here... I am usually pretty cold myself. Poor baby... I want to get her a second heating pad and put her into the 60 gallon tank with some more toys. I think I might need to invest in a spray bottle too because I am afraid the humidity is too low for her. She has been surviving fine at Melo's and I don't think they were too hyperattentive to details, but I am still anxious that something may happen.
She bit Melo the other day, and I've heard mixed stories but what I heard from Melo is that she was fed a couple days ago. Sammy said that she was fed a week ago and she bit Melo yesterday (or the day before maybe) which was five days after she had been fed. I am going to go by what Melo told me, but to be safe I will attempt to feed her reasonably soon in case she needs food.
I tried to handle her today when I got home and she hissed at me, so I think she is still stressed out from the move. I'm not sure how long it took for her to get here because I was at work, but she will have to be moved again when I rearrange the tanks. I may keep the smaller tank for feeding... That sounds like a good plan... Either way, I need to find a lid for the big tank soon so that she can get used to it and not be living in constant insecurity. It is said that they usually require a week to become comfortable with a new home, but she will need to eat sooner than that...

So in other news I have been working on a Neverwinter Nights module for Danny and Edric to play together while I DM it, but I am spending a lot of time building and planning quests and conversations rather than just setting stuff up for playability and working my DM Client magic for the rest of it, so I will try to change that soon. I am almost done with the first "dungeon" I suppose. Mustn't give any details away because spoilers are not my thing.

I just got back from seeing Avatar, which kicked a lot of ass. The language they used reminded me of Poptí and of something African. At first I thought it would be a bullshit language but it seemed pretty legit at parts. I wonder if they used an existing language that they wanted the sound from or if they actually made/edit copied a new one.

I got a new computer a while ago. I think it was on Black Friday or maybe the day after. I went in the evening. I got my music and stuff transferred over from my old one so it is nice. Edric came over a week or so ago and we had fun. Aqua vita est. Quiero hacer mi idioma ya. Tengo muchas ideas en que siempre estoy pensando pero ¿no tengo tiempo para hacerlo? No sé por qué no hago las cosas así que quiero hacer. Preciso dum amigo com quem posso praticar o portugues...

Okay got distracted for a second. I guess it is time to end this post.
As always: I wish I posted more often.
I will try to make a habit of posting to keep records on Charlotte's activity and that should make me write some more whenever I post too.
For now I will work on the module a little and then go to sleep.
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