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Edindo opus est.

Today I had some stuff to do. I woke up a little early and ate breakfast, flossed and brushed my teeth, showered, then went to Petco to buy a rat. It took a lot longer than I expected and it cost WAY more than I expected. It was over eight dollars, where I expected to pay $3-5. I had to go to work early, so I went home and dropped off the rat then went to work. I set up my car insurance when I got back from work and it is taken care of. TJ was asleep so I decided to wait on the rat feeding. When it got dark I knocked out the rat and fed Charlotte. She snatched her from my hand and sat there suffocating her for a while, then started trying to swallow her. It looked like she started and stopped like five times, like she didn't have a good position or something so she started over, but she might have just been changing positions during her death grip before she was ready to start eating.
She ate it (a medium female) and I think I should be getting her larges. She is pretty damn big now, so mediums aren't going to cut it for her!
I was looking for cheaper places to buy rats because eight dollars is kind of a lot. Next time we will save a little money. I was in a hurry because she seemed hungry and I had to go to work but yeah... Petco isn't a great place supposedly...

Once again, got distracted. Namárie!

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