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Last night I took Charlotte out for the first time since she's been here. She wandered around a lot and I noticed she was shedding in small pieces. I put her in the bathtub but she just got out after a few minutes. I refilled her water bowl and sprayed a bunch of water in there this morning. Melo said if she has trouble shedding I can wrap her in a wet towel.
For New Year's Eve Mary and I went to Yoli's house. Sammy and Melo came over and Melo was sick and I had a sore throat. Now I'm sick! =(
We watched Night at the Museum 2 and I felt like it was a really bad movie. I felt like every scene they were trying to make funny but none of them were actually funny to me. I laughed once at the security guard flashlight part and I think once later on in the movie but I can't remember at what.
Then Sammy and Edric and Mikey and I tried to play Neverwinter together but it didn't work so Mikey just played some game on Mary's computer and Sammy and Edric and I played Neverwinter but Sammy wasn't very good so we gave up (after like 3 hours of setting it up). Then they played Mount and Blade and I just went to sleep because I was tired. When I woke up my throat hurt RLY bad. Mary and I were planning on leaving by 8ish or 8:30 (AM) but I didn't set my alarm so when I woke up I just stayed in bed trying to cover up my throat.
We left and she went back to Stockton today.
I saw Charlotte fully extended and she is about as long as the table her cage sits on, a little longer than one of my legs. Harriet is way tiny compared to her and Mark said that they are the same size but Charlotte is just a lot fatter, but Charlotte is definitely way bigger than her.

I feel pretty lame not learning any languages recently. I haven't been practicing much of anything (except Spanish =/ ) but I need to learn Portuguese and practice Italian and maybe French and start learning German and start learning Russian or Arabic or something or maybe just keep going with Mandarin, that's probably a better idea than starting Russian or Arabic right now.

I've got a runny/stuffy nose right now and my throat still hurts a little, and I've got a headache. I took some Tylenol last night and took some Ibuprofen this morning. I need to practice Armenian more.
Farewell for now. <3
I will take more pictures when I get a camera that isn't a piece of shit (which should be as soon as I get batteries because I have a couple cameras here but they might be destroyed... We will see...)
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